Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder!

The title is a Swedish proverb, which means “There isn’t bad weather, just bad clothes!” I had an 8 mile run yesterday. When I left the house at noon it was a shade over 50 degrees. I thought I could get by with shorts and a long-sleeve shirt. Oops.

Almost immediately, a wind came up and the temperature began dropping. There was some soft drizzle two miles in. At four miles I swore I saw a flake or two of snow, though that may have been the hypothermia setting in. By the time I finished, it had dropped to 40 degrees or so, with a wicked wind that made it feel far closer to freezing.

If you’re trail running things are a bit harder – you don’t want to freeze but you don’t want to be tossing unnecessary layers into the underbrush. This run, though, was a series of loops through Colonial Williamsburg. I should have at least had a sweatshirt or gloves in my car in case I (hypothetically) misjudged the weather.

In the end, it was ok. The first few miles were miserable but my desire to be done, dry, and warm helped me push the pace faster than I would have otherwise. Another silver lining: the weather kept most of the tourists away so I had one of my favorite areas almost all to myself.


(CW on a sunnier day.)

In running news, I did 27 miles last week and the 8 mile run was the first run of Pfitzinger’s 18/55 plan. All my runs thus far were preparation for this! Now to stay healthy and focused…

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2 Responses to Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder!

  1. The line about the weather and suitable clothing made me laugh, as my mother always said this to me when I was a child. Still, like you, I also get it wrong sometimes – usually the other way around through, I forget how warm it gets once I get moving! In any case, congratulations on a solid week of running, well done! 😉 It looks like a beautiful place to run.

  2. Riggle Runs says:

    That quote is so true. And I know that. One day I’ll actually learn my lesson. (I hope!)

    As for the area, it really is a great place to run. There are no cars for most of it so you really only have to dodge the horses and the tourists. (I think of it as practice for marathon starts) Personally, I prefer the horses. They’re usually smarter…

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